*NYC* school best trainer for cybersecurity hacking jobs

Brooklyn-based New York University-Poly is top when it comes to training students with practical and mission-critical “white-hat” hacking skills to fill a growing demand for cyber security jobs.

A 2012 report states that the Department of Homeland Security needs 600 cybersecurity exerts and the Defense Department is establishing cyber teams to combat cyber attacks designed to disrupt the nation’s infrastructure, Crain’s New York reports.

The university also has “Hack Night,” a yearly hacking competition billed as the largest in the nation, according to the university website.

Many of the 270 students in the NYU-Poly cybersecurity program have lined up jobs in the private sector where there is a need to identify and correct network vulnerabilities.

Students with graduate degrees are positioned for careers in advanced programming and digital forensics in federal law enforcement agencies.

NYU-Poly cybersecurity program curriculum provides hands-on experience through a virtual laboratory and classes taught by internationally known experts.

The program is rooted in the belief that theory and research must translate into real-world solutions, it states.

Crain’s New York


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