*New York* America's new yogurt capitol. *California* close behind.

New York’s booming Greek yogurt market has transformed the state to the nation’s Yogurt Capital, surpassing California as the top producer.

New York produced 692 million pounds of yogurt in 2012 compared to California’s 587 million pounds. But in 2011, California led production with 627 million pounds of yogurt to the 554 million pound in New York, according to a news release issued by the New York Governor Cuomo’s Office.

New York has been working more closely with the private sector than ever before the Governor said, “rolling back bureaucratic red tape and addressing the burdens that are facing job creators.

“With New York State officially being crowned Yogurt Capital of America, it is clear that our approach to growing the economy and creating an entrepreneurial government is paying off,” he said in the release.

While the state has gained a reputation as a national leader in Greek yogurt, this is the first time that data on yogurt production has shown that New York leads the nation in all yogurt production. A year ago data showed, New York produced 70 percent of the nation’s $6 billion Greek yogurt market with Chobani in Chenango County leading the way as the state’s biggest producer.

Greek Yogurt accounts for 35 percent of the nation’s yogurt sales, data shows.

New York Governor’s Office news release


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