Doing Good: *NYC* restaurant industry launches first Food Waste Challenge

New York City restaurants are participating in the first-ever Food Waste Challenge designed to reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfills. The more than 100 participants have pledged to reduce 50 percent of their food waste through composting and other waste prevention strategies, according to a city news release.

The program is part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s goal to divert 75 percent of all solid waste from the landfills by 2030. Food waste comprises one-third of the city’s more than 20,000 tons of daily refuse, and restaurants account for 70 percent of commercial food waste, the release states.

“From franchises to farm-to-table restaurants, New York’s food industry is joining our efforts to cut waste and reduce greenhouse gas emission to build a greener, greater New York,” Bloomberg said in the release. “Restaurants are a vial part of our economy and culture, and their participation in the Food Waste Challenge will help inform New Yorkers about sustainable practices and encourage their adoption,” he said.

New York City news release

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