*NYC* enterprise accelerator program set to grow seed-stage startups

New York City Enterprise 2013 Startup Accelerator Program launches it series of six business programs targeting entrepreneurs tackling startup challenges.

The program provides seed-stage entrepreneurs resources and opportunities to discuss problems and solutions towards building the next generation of enterprise technology, according to a news release.

New York City Regional Economic Development Council and NYC SeedStart, a consortium of venture capital firms are sponsoring the program, part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Council initiatives.

“New York City is the place to be for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas looking to create the products of tomorrow,” Co-chair of NYCREDC and Chancellor of City University of New York Matthew Goldstein said in the release.

 “The NYCREDC identified the NYC SeedStart program series as one of its priorities because it is exactly what we need to grow early stage startups into job-creating companies. We are very pleased to partner with NYC SeedStart and look forward to seeing the new products and companies that result from this collaboration,” he said.

NYC SeedStart was awarded a $550,000 grant from Empire State Development to support six 12-week business accelerator programs to foster the growth of startups in New York City, the release states.

NYC SeedStart Enterprise 2013 will receive a portion of the grant funds and the balance will provide continued support to future accelerator programs.

NYCREDC news release

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