Bankers Healthcare has prescription for growth in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Bankers Healthcare Group, a leading provider of financial solutions for health care professionals, has expanded its offices in Syracuse, New York. The company has leased one of the most unique workspaces in the city: the historic Engine 14 fire station located at 238 Division St.

The building was constructed in 1915 and used by firefighters until 1961. Since then, the station has housed numerous companies. Now, the station will give BHG 4,700 square feet of additional office space for a 5-year lease term and potential renewal.

“We moved into our financial headquarters at 201 Solar Street in 2013 and quickly reached the point where every desk was filled,” said BHG CEO Al Crawford. “We had to make room for more growth. With its unique characteristics and convenient location directly across the street, the fire station was a perfect fit.”

More than 100 of the company’s 270 associates nationwide are located at its financial headquarters in Syracuse, including BHG’s full-service internal marketing agency, which will now live in the firehouse workspace to accommodate the department’s rapid growth.

Source: Bankers Healthcare

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