Popular Community Bank expands high-tech branches with Manhattan location

NEW YORK — Popular Community Bank, a subsidiary of Popular, Inc., and one of the nation’s premier community banks, announced the expansion of its high-tech branches with the opening of the 285 Madison Avenue location in New York City. The Madison Avenue branch, between 40th and 41st street, is part of Popular Community Bank’s retail network transformation, a major initiative aimed at enhancing a customers’ experience in the branch.

The Madison Avenue branch opening is part of Popular Community Bank’s retail branch network transformation designed to deliver enhanced customer engagement. This branch is driven by technology and a high personal touch delivered by onsite experts. These digital bank branches allow customers to define their methods of interaction and when, where and how they want to conduct their business.

“Popular Community Bank is constantly searching for new ways to deliver a positive customer experience. We’ve enhanced our in-branch experience to enable a complete view of the customer journey and ensure that all customer touch points work in an integrated fashion,” said Manuel Chinea, COO of Popular Community Bank. “Our focus is to deliver enhanced customer engagement as well as service their needs effectively and quickly. We have taken into account the behaviors of our customer segments and have built a customer experience around their lifestyles.”

Image courtesy of BusinessWire/Popular Community Bank

Source: BusinessWire

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