Innovative NYC startup MakeSpace reinvents self-storage

NEW YORK CITY — MakeSpace, a New York City-based startup, is reinventing self-storage.

Here is how it works: MakeSpace brings storage containers to customers’ doorsteps. Once customers pack the containers, MakeSpace picks them up and stores them for a monthly charge.

Need those skis packed away? Makespace photographs and catalogs each item it stores, enabling customers to go online, see every item in storage and order individual items for MakeSpace to deliver to their doorstep. One of the company’s slogans, which is printed boldly across its bright green moving vans, is “Never visit a storage unit again.”

Fast Company conducted an interview with the company’s founders, shedding light on their methods for standing out from the crowd. Sam Rosen, Adam LeVassuer and Rahul Gandhi founded the startup in 2013. Rosen and Gandhi both previously worked for venture capital firms, where they witnessed the successes and failures of startups firsthand. When they first began Makespace, the founders participated in every part of the business, including delivering storage containers to clients. They wanted to ensure that they fully understood every part of their business.

MakeSpace was created with scalability in mind. Now that its technology and business model is in place, MakeSpace has the ability to quickly expand to additional cities. For current locations, please check here. For now, the company is  ramping up its offerings for New York City residents, such as the new MakeSpace Air that enables customers to go online and ship stored items to their doorstep.

Source: Fast Company. Photo courtesy of MakeSpace.

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